Holiday Menu

Our pies, cakes and desserts will add a special touch to your holiday table!

Pumpkin Pie
Lattice top pie
Apple Pie


9” Pie serves 8-10
$25  (except Pecan and Gluten Free)

Maple Pumpkin
with Cornmeal Poppy Sead Crust

Cranberry Apple Crumb
with Oatmeal Almond Crust

Classic Apple
Lattice or Crumb topping

Classic Blueberry
Lattice or Crumb topping

Chocolate Cream

Peanut Butter Silk

Key Lime

Chocolate Cream

Peanut Butter Silk

Gluten Free

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

Gluten Free Pecan


Our pies and cobblers are all house made with freshest ingredients.

We also offer the Stoneware Bakers. Buy a stoneware baker and we will bake a fresh pie or cobbler in it. This makes a great hostess gift.

pies and other baked goods
Pumpkin Pie
mini apple tarts

Christmas Tree Cupcake Bouquet
Buche de Noel



Christmas Tree Cupcake Bouquets
Small tree – $65 (24 cupcakes)
Large tree – $100 (40 cupcakes)

Pumpkin Cheese Cake
6” – $30 (serves 8-10)
10” – $50 (serves 10-15)

Chocolate Peppermint Cake
6” – $45 (serves 8-10)
8” – $65 (serves 10-15)

 Flourless Chocolate Cake
Topped with ganache and chocolate shavings
6” – $30 (serves 8-10)
10” – $50 (serves 10-15)

Buche de Noel
whole – $85 serves 10-20
half $45 – serves 8-10

Cupcake Bouquets
A beautiful “arrangement” of delicious cupcakes
Makes a great Hostess gift!
Small Bouquet – $40.00 (14-15 cupcakes)
Medium Bouquet – $75.00 (32-34 cupcakes)
Large Bouquet – $95 (44-46 cupcakes)

Chocolate Peppermint Cake
Flourless chocolate cake

Sweet Potato Zucchini Bread with Cranberry
Gingerbread Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies

Holiday Treats

Sweet Potato Zucchini Bread
with Fresh Cranberries
Small $8.50 / Large $17.00

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread
Small $8.00 / Large $16

Corn Bread
Tray $15

Crumb Cake
Tray $15

Traditional English Trifle
Layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam, vanilla
custard, jello, fresh whipped cream and raspberries

Gingerbread cookies

Baby Cakes

Mama Cakes

Cup & Cakes Mug

Seasonal Cookie Baskets and Trays
Tray $25
Small Basket $42.50/ Large Basket $75

Cookie Basket
Holiday Cookies
Cookie Basket